Differentiation is the difference

Why buy from you vs. a competitor?

Does your marketing tell a compelling story?

Is your go-to-market plan optimized for revenue?

Differentiate and see your business grow


Jill Richards is an award winning marketer with more than 20 years of experience advising executives, building and leading marketing teams, and growing technology companies with strategy and marketing.

She brings rigor and process to what can seem like chaos for management and funders as they try to optimally leverage marketing.

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Experience and expertise to help companies grow through better marketing, at any stage.

Differentiation is the basis for winning in the market

… and your key to scaling via marketing and sales


Position, message and segment for growth
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Plan, execute and measure successful growth
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Unlock blocked or untapped revenue growth
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What People Are Saying …

Gary Nakamura,
GM @ Terracotta

Jill is one of the smartest and most effective marketing leaders I have ever worked with. She quickly parses the strategic needs of an organization and then focuses on priorities and activities that have the highest probable yield. She partners well with sales, gaining their respect and buy-in to drive the business forward.”

Robbie Forkish,
VP of Engineering @ Appthority

“Jill did an amazing job at Appthority. When she arrived, there was a significant backlog in marketing and little in the way of resources to work with. Jill prioritized the work to be done, working with execs and others to determine requirements and achieve consensus.”

Roz Greenfield,
Partner @ Level 213

“Jill has a strong command of go-to-market strategy and revenue production and truly understands the synergy that must be created between Marketing and Sales. Her holistic approach expands past top of funnel demand generation and traditional marketing to understanding, influencing, and supporting all phases of the customer journey and experience.”

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