Differentiation is the core
of effective positioning,
marketing and sales

With a compelling reason to choose your company over a competitor, you can’t lose.

Unless you fail to execute through each stage of the buyer’s journey.

The services below can clarify your unique differentiator and leverage it, putting it to work in your sales and marketing efforts.


Create the Foundation: Position, message and segment for growth.


Scale with Confidence: Plan, execute and measure successful growth.


Eliminate Limiters: Unlock blocked or untapped revenue growth.

For Investors

Position for Exit: Boost startup success with expert marketing to ramp, scale or pivot.

Jill is undoubtedly one of the most professional, personable and knowledgeable consultants that I have had the pleasure to work with! Jill brings clarity of thought and a great sense of humour to her work and has helped our organisation to achieve fantastic results in the Sales & Marketing arena.”

— Robin Underwood, Strategic Account Director, John Ryan

Let’s build something together.

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