Differentiate to separate from competitors and create brand affinity

What valuable difference do you bring to the market?

Before you can be the one the market wants to buy, you must define your differentiation. This means understanding your brand vision and permissions as well as your audiences.


The core of positioning is differentiation. It answers the question, why buy from you instead of going with a competitor or sticking with the status quo?

Positioning defines how you play in a competitive marketplace by defining your category, your target audience, why you’re different and how you prove it. This knowledge is powerful and creates momentum at every marketing and selling stage.


Segmenting helps deepen the value you can provide, building your brand as you build your business.

There are almost as many ways to segment as there are companies. Understanding your best-fit audiences and how you help them is foundational to marketing and selling.


Messaging translates your brand and value prop to the right people in the right words.

A clear differentiation and distinct segments are only useful if they sing through your messaging. Let your audiences know why you are their best choice in language that speaks to them and creates affinity and trust with your brand.

Let’s build something great together.

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